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2 nights left...

got home from work a little while ago. to greet the faces of my parents, who i proceeded to ask the questions that cover up the akward silence only for about seven minutes or so...and then we sit around the tv. god what would we do with out technology? haha,,, im pretty sure we would all just die. but thats ok because we do have so we don't have to have the horrid thought of life without.

i miss tanner and diana and yamuna and loren and max and mark and meagan and everyone that made the music dept. amazingly awesome. i miss yall soooo much. please come home soon.

we have a choir trip tomorrow. all day. sweetness.

DIANA: just thought that you would be happy to know that i have an orthopedic appt. (for my hips and knees) on monday. YAY! maybe they can fix me. wouldn't that be sweet ;)

UGH choir dresses. sorry i just remembered that i have to wear that tomorrow. GROSS.

well peace out hommies,
lub lub
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