Rocker (dancinthetango) wrote,

ok you want to know the saddest thing ever... i was reading diana's journal entry update just a few minutes ago. if you haven't then i will just tell you that it is all about her life over this past weekend in NEW YORK! ok so i was just reading along and (by the way i always on her when she says something corny on these entries) she wrote something amazingly i opened my mouth to scream "diana what the heck were you thinking writing something so stupid (you know something along those lines) i swear to god i had to basically swallow my tongue to keep the words in... because if i had said that then dad would definitely think that i was like smoking cra ck or something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that would have been an unbeatable moment though.
but anywho. im totally bored. rar. school is lame
i turned in my two weeks notice at dales
i revamped our fridge with ridiculously healthy food
i have worked out or run everynight for the past week
i ate at panera tonigt with cathy abby and bryan
i haven't ended things yet but im working on scared.
for the love i have to apply for college. suckage
i want to go traveling during christmas break like FOR REAL

lub lub
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