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piddled around my house this morning until pops came home... then we went and ate dinner at the official obesity capital of the world a.k.a. Red Lobster. i mean.... really guys...really... i think i might have clogged every artery i have because that "food" was covered in butter or dressing or something... so then i proceeded to go run for an hour...creepy homelessmen make me laugh...

last night was so relaxing and fun. t---i will love you always...

every met a boy that refuses a senior female and a high school graduate to bring him alcohol??? i did. its weird ; )

had quite a scare last nite when she showed up at work.. dum dum dum... and honestly i think i have become more and more seperated from the situation. but then he calls and..whateva...

sorry about all this (...) action. i just realized how many times i did it in this entry.

shower time.

....(sorry i just figured i do it one more time xoxoxo)
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