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ok so prepare yourselves, im about to get real sappy.

so i for real almost started crying when i saw all of diana's boxes in the middle of the living room... i can't believe she is gonna take all of her clothes, doesn't she understand i have to borrow them sometimes... jk. well sorta... ; )

im very tired but i think im gonna be able to make it through the week. if i don't it isn't from lack of sleep. its from the dread brought on by the fact that everyone is leaving me. but times have to change so i will deal with it.

why does she treat me like im effing three years old, no, im not talking about ms. busby all though for real that woman is driving me insane!! no, my mother is ki lling me. she acts like i have no idea what im doing, ever. rar. but you know what, life could be soooooo much worse im going to stop complaining.

i saw to men get arrested at the chevron for dru gs. then the cops searched their car and found a gun. those cops were so effing happy it made me sick... i felt really bad for the guys that were in the back of the cop car. they looked so sad but then again i guess that is why you shouldn't do dru gs... blah blah blah
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